Global chronostratigraphical correlation table for the last 2.7 million years v.2019 (Poster version)


This is a poster version of Figure 1 of the Quaternary International 500 article Cohen, K.M. & Gibbard, P.L. 2019 Global chronostratigraphical correlation table for the last 2.7 million years. Quaternary International vol. 500. Fig. 1.

See abstract and full text of the linked paper for details, research history and citations/references to materials included in the chart: it makes extensive use of published data sets and schemes, all cited in the main text, many of which have data repositories.

The 2019 QI-500 paper publication follows up the Episodes 2008 Gibbard & Cohen paper. The 2019 edition of the chart (QI-500/INQUA-Dublin), follows up the 2016 IUGS' Cape town IGC version (web-released). The Figure 2 inset is also included here, for completeness.

The release of the poster version via, cross-referenced from the QI paper, was coordinated with the QI journal management (Elsevier) and editorship (INQUA). Use of the INQUA Dublin logo was coordinated with the congress organisation. Use of the IUGS-ICS and INQUA logo's was coordinated with the respective organisations (and is continued from earlier releases of the chart).

The undivided poster version only differs from the 3-page spread figure in the QI paper in: placement and fontsize of title and version, placement of logotypes, inclusion of Utrecht University and University of Cambridge logo's on the poster (continued from earlier releases of the chart).

The PDF files contain scale-able vector graphics only and therefore should suitreproductions to mini-poster (A4, A3) and poster size (e.g. A1) formats alike. Before seeking far zoomed in usage of the chart: take notice of the discussion in the QI paper of chosen graphical resolution, versus achievable geological and chronometric correlation accuracy limits.

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