(Table 1) Range chart of selected ichthyolith taxa from ODP Hole 136-842B, supplement to: Firth, John V; Meyerhoff Hull, Donna (1993): Ichthyolith biostratigraphy of deepsea clays from the southwestern Hawaiian Arch. In: Wilkens, RH; Firth, J; Bender, J; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 136, 27-43


Sixty-nine ichthyolith taxa have been identified in otherwise unfossiliferous red clays from Cores 136-842B-3H, -4H, and -5H at Ocean Drilling Program Site 842 on the Hawaiian Arch. Based on correlation with previous studies of ichthyoliths, these assemblages indicate that sediments from 21.53 to 31.10 mbsf are of early Miocene age. Ichthyolith-bearing sediments below this interval, from 31.10 to 35.57 mbsf, are Oligocene to early Miocene in age, whereas overlying clays from 21.53 to 19.05 mbsf are early to middle Miocene in age. Reworked ichthyoliths of Cretaceous to Eocene age are present in the cores, suggesting an exposed source of sediments of these ages during the early Miocene.

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