Swift-BAT 105-Month All-Sky Hard X-Ray Survey

The catalog includes hard X-ray sources detected in the first 105-months of observations with the Burst Alert Telescope (BAT) coded-mask imager on board the Swift observatory. The 105-month Swift-BAT survey is a uniform hard X-ray all-sky survey with a sensitivity of 8.40x10<sup>-12</sup>erg/s/cm<sup>2</sup> over 90% of the sky and 7.24x10<sup>-12</sup>erg/s/cm<sup>2</sup> over 50% of the sky in the 14-195 keV band. The Swift-BAT 105-month catalog provides 1632 (422 new detections) hard X-ray sources in the 14-195 keV band above the 4.8 sigma significance level. Adding to the previously known hard X-ray sources, 34% (144/422) of the new detections are identified as Seyfert active galactic nuclei (AGNs) in nearby galaxies (z<0.2). The majority of the remaining identified sources are X-ray binaries (7%, 31) and blazars/BL Lac objects (10%, 43). As part of this new edition of the Swift-BAT catalog, the authors release eight-channel spectra and monthly sampled light curves for each object in the online journal and at the <a href="https://swift.gsfc.nasa.gov/results/bs105mon/">Swift-BAT 105-month website</a>. The data reduction, analysis, and catalog generation of the Swift-BAT 105-month survey (between 2004 December and 2013 August) are conducted following the same procedures as in the Swift-BAT 70-month survey (Baumgartner+ 2013, J/ApJS/207/19). The catalog includes 1632 hard X-ray sources detected across the entire sky. Of these 1632 sources, 422 are new detections with respect to the 70-month catalog, and 320 are reported as hard X-ray sources for the first time. The Swift-BAT 105-month survey catalog contains 947 non-beamed AGNs detected in the hard X-ray band. The authors inspected soft X-ray images provided by Swift-XRT (3-10keV), Chandra (2-10keV), ASCA (2-10keV), and XMM-Newton (4-10keV) for the newly detected sources when available using 15 arcmin of matching radius. See section 2.1 of the paper for further explanations.

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