Experiment on performance of two invertebrate predators on warming and temperature variability: Size and mass of Hemigrapsus takanoi and Asterias rubens


Size and weight of H. takanoi and A. rubens during the experimental period (72 and 64 days, respectively) measured under 4 temperature conditions: ambient ('constant'), warm ('constant'), ambient sinusoidal and warm sinusoidal. The experiments were conducted from July to September 2017 in the Kiel Indoor Benthocosms (KIBs), at GEOMAR Kiel, Germany. Wet and dry weight (g) were quantified at the start (July 12th) and at the end of the experiment (September 21st (day 72) for A. rubens and on September 14th (day 64) for H. takanoi). For this, individuals were weighed after gently blotting dry with a tissue. At the end of the experimental period, all individuals of both species were frozen (6 hours at -20°C), and dried (48hours, 80°C), and weighted to estimate dry weight.

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