Gaia DR2 epoch fluxes

A table of the light curves released with Gaia DR2 (about half a million in total). In each Gaia band (G, BP, RP), we give epochs, fluxes and their errors in arrays. We do not include the quality flags (DR2: “may be safely ignored for many general purpose applications”). You can access them through the associated datalink service if you select source_id. You will usually join this table with gaia.dr2light.

    We have also removed all entries with NaN observation times; hence,
    the array lengths in the different bands can be significantly
    different, and the indices in transit_ids do not always correspond to
    the indices in the time series.

    Furthermore, we only give fluxes and their errors here rather than
    magnitudes. Fluxes can be turned into magnitude using::

            mag = -2.5 log10(flux)+zero point,

    where the zero points assumed for Gaia DR2 are 25.6884±0.0018 in G,
    25.3514±0.0014 in BP, and 24.7619±0.0019 in RP (VEGAMAG).

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Creator GAIA Collaboration
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PublicationYear 2018
Publisher The GAVO DC team