ANDRO: An Argo-based deep displacement dataset

A world deep displacement dataset, named ANDRO, after a traditional dance of Brittany meaning a swirl, comprising more than 600 000 deep displacements, has been produced from the Argo float data. One important feature of ANDRO is that the pressures measured during float drifts at depth, and suitably averaged are preserved in ANDRO. To reach this goal, it was necessary to reprocess most of the Argo raw data, because of the many different decoding versions (roughly 100) not always applied by the DACs to the displacement data because they were mainly interested in the p,t,S profiles. The result of our work was the production of comprehensive files, named DEP (for déplacements in French), containing all the possibly retrievable float data. ANDRO actual contents and format is described in the user guide, which must be read before using ANDRO (ANDRO format is also described in Ollitrault M. et al (2013)).

Additional Info

Field Value
Creator Brion, Emilie;Rannou, Philippe;Ollitrault, Michel
B2FINDVersion 2.4.0
Contact SEANOE
Discipline Not stated
PublicationYear 2017
Publisher SEANOE
Rights CC-BY
SpatialCoverage (90S-90N,180W-180E)
TemporalCoverage point in time : None