LA-ICP-MS apatite fission track, apatite U-Pb, and electron probe micro-analysis data for the Canadian Shield


LA-ICP-MS apatite fission track age and length data, U-Pb apatite data, and electron microprobe (EPMA) data (in oxide weight %) from the Canadian Shield, Canada. Files also include age/length grain spatial locations for matching duplicate age/length grain EPMA analyses.

The supplementary data files are Microsoft Excel .xlsx format and contained in a compressed .zip folder with a directory structure and contents as follows:

Folder “AFT-UPb” contains the raw LA-ICP-MS apatite fission track age and length data. The raw apatite U-Pb age data, blanks, corrections, etc. are also included in a separate sheet tab for each sample. All AFT samples are referred to by their analytical number, e.g. 248-09 and their sample number 11CXAN017, for all other data in the “EPMA” and “Grain-Locations” folders each grain is referred to by analytical number only, and whether it is an age or length grain.

Folder “EPMA” contains the electron microprobe data with the OH estimation included in weight percent oxide format. These data can be converted to apfu and their respective rmr0 values determined using either the Carlson et al. (1999) or Ketcham et al. (2007) equations (see main text for details).

Folder “Grain-Locations” contains the x-y coordinates for each age and length grain that was probed for each sample. The grains are flagged if they are duplicate measurements, i.e. the EPMA measurement for age grain 1 is also the same measurement for length grain 15. This is determined by distance of 0 to 10 microns (green) and 10 to 50 microns (orange).

The “Correlation-Matrices” folder contains a table of the correlation coefficients for the top 20 elements in each sample for age grain data only, including eU and OH. There are also PDF files for each sample of the matrices at the 0.05 and 0.01 confidence levels.

HeFTy model (Ketcham, 2005) input files with float values for all AFT data, e.g. Ns, A, Pcorr, error, U, Dpar, etc.

Additional PDF files explaining the GeoSep AFT+UPb methodology and age calculations

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