Monitoring of water quality and quantity in the Pond Inlet watershed, 2017-2020 (NGMP ID EC55)

The data that was collected included: Water quality: 1) physico-chemical properties: (i) temperature (ii) pH (iii) conductivity (iv) dissolved oxygen (v) turbidity 2) microbial levels: (i) E.coli (ii) enterococci (iii) total coliforms 3) bio-indicators : (i) benthic invertebrates.

Water quantity: 1) flow rate 2) water level.

Climate: 1) air temperature 2) precipitation 3) wind 4) solar radiation.

Landscape: 1) permafrost 2) soil nutrients 3) vegetation.

Local observations: 1) past and current trends in water quality and quantity 2) mapping of water fetching sources and land use at local and regional scale, etc.

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Creator Anaviapik Soucie, Tim;L'Hérault, Vincent;Atkinson , Dave
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
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Publication Year 2017
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