Data collection on ice-wedge thermokarst and polar vegetation of an historical anthropogenic disturbance site on Ellesmere Island, Nunavut (2013)

At two different thermokarst sites (a drained thaw pond and a thermokarst basin), permafrost dynamics were characterized using probing and high-frequency Ground Penetrating Radar (500 MHz) to map the near-surface details of ice-wedges and active layer. Vegetation was measured using quadrat sampling for species richness and abundance to compute for β-diversity and functional group characteristics. Soil measures consisted of temperature at depth, moisture content, and bioavailable nutrients of nitrate, ammonia, potassium, phosphorus, and organic matter. Hourly microclimate data was collected using a meteorological station set up over the previous year to collect for solar radiation, wind speed/direction, ground temperatures at depth, air temperature, and relative humidity. The site data is being assessed using R statistical software packages to perform analyses such as non-metric multidimensional scaling (NMDS) and CCA on community composition, and MANOVAs will be used to determine which variables significantly affect the landscape composition.

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