Composition of rocks and minerals from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge 5-7°N, supplement to: Pushcharovsky, Yury M; Skolotnev, Sergey G; Peyve, Alexander A; Bortnikov, Nikolay S; Bazilevskaya, Elena S; Mazarovich, Alexander O (2004): Geology and Metallogeny of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: 5-7°N. Geological Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Transactions, vol. 562. Moscow, Nauka Publ. (Yu.M. Pushcharovsky, Ed.), 152 pp


The monograph summarizes geological and metallogenic data on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge obtained during research expeditions of the Geological Institute RAS in 2000-2003. Formation of the earth crust in the region, structure of the rift zone, structure of the newly discovered Bogdanov Fracture Zone, neotectonic deformations, metallogenic peculiarities, prospecting criteria of ocean ore mineralization are under consideration.

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Creator Skolotnev, Sergey G;Pushcharovsky, Yury M;Bazilevskaya, Elena S;Bortnikov, Nikolay S;Peyve, Alexander A;Mazarovich, Alexander O
Publisher PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Publication Year 2004
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Discipline Earth System Research
Spatial Coverage (5 N-7 N,35W-31W)