Utility of thallium and geochemical analysis of Mariana arc sediments from ODP Hole 129-801A and 129-801B, supplement to: Prytulak, Julie; Nielsen, Sune G; Plank, Terry; Barker, M; Elliott, T (2013): Assessing the utility of thallium and thallium isotopes for tracing subduction zone inputs to the Mariana arc. Chemical Geology, 345, 139-149


We provide the first exploration of thallium (Tl) abundances and stable isotope compositions as potential tracers during arc lava genesis. We present a case study of lavas from the Central Island Province (CIP) of the Mariana arc, supplemented by representative sedimentary and altered oceanic crust (AOC) inputs from ODP Leg 129 Hole 801 outboard of the Mariana trench. Given the large Tl concentration contrast between the mantle and subduction inputs coupled with previously published distinctive Tl isotope signatures of sediment and AOC, the Tl isotope system has great potential to distinguish different inputs to arc lavas. Furthermore, CIP lavas have well-established inter island variability, providing excellent context for the examination of Tl as a new stable isotope tracer.

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