Kivu Seismological Network (KivuSnet)


KivuSNet represents the first dense broadband seismic network installed in the Kivu Rift region, which is located in the bordering region of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. Here the active volcanoes Nyamulagira (the most active in Africa) and Nyiragongo (host to the largest persistent lava lake on Earth) threaten the city of Goma and neighbouring agglomerations, and destructive earthquakes can also affect the region. The deployement started with the first stations in 2012/2013 and since October 2015, 13 stations are operated with real-time data transmission. The development of KivuSNet has been carried out in the framework of several research projects and is in particular associated with the project REmote Sensing and In Situ detection and Tracking of geohazards (RESIST), funded by the Belgian Science Policy and the National Research Fund of Luxembourg. KivuSNet aims at opening a new window for the seismological knowledge in this highly active rifting region, allowing for unprecedented insights into tectonic and volcanic seismicity, tremor patterns and Earth structure as well as for sustainable real-time monitoring of the volcanoes in the area. Together with the often co-located KivuGNet geodetic stations, KivuSNet closes a dramatic observational gap in this region. Waveform data is available from the GEOFON data centre, under network code KV, and is embargoed.

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