Nationaal Kiezersonderzoek, 2010 - NKO 2010 Dutch Parliamentary Election Study 2010 - DPES 2010

Dutch Parliamentary Election Study 2010 (DPES/NKO 2010)

The Dutch Parliamentary Election Studies (DPES) are a series of national surveys carried out under the auspices of the Dutch Electoral Research Foundation (SKON). These surveys have been conducted since 1970. Many questions are replicated across studies, although each has questions not asked in the others. The major substantive areas consistently covered include the respondents' attitudes toward and expectations of the government and its effectiveness in both domestic and foreign policy, the most important problems facing the people of the Netherlands, the respondents' voting behavior and participation history, and his/her knowledge of and faith in the nation's political leaders.

The data for the DPES 2010 were collected by Statistics Netherlands and by Henk van der Kolk, Kees Aarts, and Jean Tillie on behalf of the SKON. The study has been made possible by grants from Statistics Netherlands, the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) and the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP), and the Department of Political Science and Research Methodology, University of Twente.

In order to provide the funding agencies with essential information about the use of the data that have been collected with their assistance, each user of the data is expected to send two copies of each completed and published manuscript to the distributor of the data.

Number of cases: 2621, number of variables 639

A version including all variables of this survey, including variables that were dropped for reasons of privacy protections (municipality, day of birth etc.) and additional variables from population records is available under strongly restrictive rules at Statistics Netherlands.

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