Physical properties measured on sediment cores from the Southern Ocean, Weddell Sea area


This collection of 359 data sets represents raw data of physical properties measurements on Polarstern sediment cores from both polar oceans, sampled and measured between 1985 and 1995.

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Creator Villinger, Heinrich
Publisher PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Contributor Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven
Publication Year 1996
Funding Reference Fourth Framework Programme
Rights Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
OpenAccess true
Language English
Resource Type Collection of Datasets
Format application/zip
Size 268 datasets
Discipline Earth System Research
Spatial Coverage (-50.557W, -76.950S, 37.480E, 82.802N); South Orkney; North Atlantic Ocean; Camp Norway; Atka Bay; Filchner Shelf; Maud Rise; Barents Sea; Kapp Norvegia; Weddell Sea; Svalbard; Antarctic Ocean; Halley Bay; Atlantic Indik Ridge; Greenland Sea; Van Heesen Ridge; Agulhas Basin; Meteor Rise; Shona Ridge; Indian-Antarctic Ridge; Atlantic Ridge; South Sandwich Basin; South Sandwich Islands; South Sandwich Trough; Lyddan Island; Gunnerus Ridge; Kainan Maru Seamount; Greenland Slope; Lazarev Sea; Fram Strait; Astrid Ridge; Greenland Shelf; Scoresby Sund; Filchner Trough
Temporal Coverage Begin 1983-12-12T00:00:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 1991-01-21T23:13:00Z