Eight numbers of lights is forming particle

Today's social progress is entirely a gift of science, but if we look closely, we can easily see that our progress has been made possible by the discovery of the great scientists of the past and the knowledge they have imparted. But the great scientists of the past have shown us only by mathematical solutions. They never imagined that humans would one day travel to space, or that they would actually reach different ‘PLANETS ORBITING THE SUN’. Even today no one has been able to scratch the mathematical or discovery given to them. I respect their contribution. Encouraged by the information that previous scientists have gone through here, I have written each of my articles. I have discussed the structure of atoms and the relationship of light with electrons, protons, neutrons in each of my previous articles. I look at each article from different angles and from different perspectives; I have tried to prove their authenticity by calculating the atomic and light constants, quantum etc. by mathematics. I here would like bring to your attention that whatever is my identity today as scientific inventor from a under developed town of India, where there is no any scope and support from any Govt. or social organization towards this type of research but has to done on my own sacrificing my day to day family needs, is due to Social Media’s (Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google) and few number of great international organization’s (Like Mendeley data, datacite, Elsevier, narcis.nl. figshare, worldcat, ORCID etc.) kind attention towards my work on "Atomic mass energy primary colour" & “Atomic Mass Energy and Constant.” etc.
I know all these discoveries of mine are now a matter of neglect but one day it will be very necessary in the world of science. It’s not an expression of my arrogance, it’s my belief.

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