Voetbalvandalisme 1985-1985 Hooligans in Dutch soccer 1985-1985

Exploration of the social backgrounds of soccer hooligans. Political interest / exposure to soccer, soccer games life and on tv / club supporter / frequency of watching soccer / fighting / aggression / vandalism / criminal activities / personality / racism / life perspectives / social and political attitudes / school problems or conflicts / unemployment. Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ occupation/employment/ education/ politics

DOI https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-xv8-96a3
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Creator Brug, H.H. van de, Marseille, M., Universiteit van Amsterdam * Amsterdam, Fac. politieke en sociaal-culturele wetenschappen, Universiteit van Amsterdam * Amsterdam, Communicatie wetenschappen (primary investigator)
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Contributor Fac. politiek sociaal culturele wetenschappen, communicatie wetenschappen, UvA * Amsterdam (data collector)
Publication Year 2007
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