Culturele Veranderingen in Nederland 1996 - CV'96 Cultural changes in the Netherlands 1996 - CV'96

Trend study on changes in general opinions and attitudes of the Dutch population regarding a wide range of topics.

Most important in the Netherlands / environmental issues / importance of all kind of social, cultural, medical and educational facilities offered by the government / satisfaction with living environment / contact with relatives and neighbours / general attitude towards people / following political programs on tv / reading political news / reading local news / prosperity in own country / prosperity in own family and expectations / opinion about future of mankind / values and beliefs / issues of public finance / mental and physical well-being / satisfaction with income / r.'s opinion about income differences / satisfaction with welfare facilities / religious issues / relationship between religion and politics / role of religious principles / most important in life / talking about politics at home / role of members of parliament / effects of voting / punishment for using softdrugs / abortion / death penalty / gender roles / financial care at old age / issues of municipal policy / opinion about present society and expectations / civil disobedience / issues of nationalism and globalization / attitude towards criminals / political issues, political behaviour / privacy / marriage, extra-marital affairs, raising children / neighbours from a different race / preferred policy of government / expectations about income, social welfare benefits / social security / alternative social security system - 'ministelsel' / participation national, global, municipal level / satisfaction with life / crime issues / alternative punishment / attitude towards foreigners / child care / duty of government concerning treatment of addicts / free drugs for addicts / r.'s opinion about single women wanting a child / in vitro fertilization / expectations during the next 12 months concerning economic situation and unemployment / change of minimum income / unemployment benefit / judgement about number of foreigners / preferred income-level of various professional groups / tasks of school and parents in matters concerning raising children / goal of politics / financial contribution of parents for education of children / volunteer work / medical issues, waiting lists for hospitals, price of medicine / artificial insemination / treatment handicapped babies / euthanasia / attitude towards European Union.

Background variables: basic characteristics / place of birth / residence / household characteristics / occupation/employment / income/capital assets/ education/ social class / politics / religion / readership, mass media, and 'cultural' exposure/ organizational membership.

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Publication Year 2009
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