Pre-main sequence stars VLT/X-Shooter spectra (Manara+, 2017)

Reduced, flux- and wavelength-calibrated, telluric corrected 1-d spectra of all the 17 objects considered in this work. Each object's spectrum is divided in the three arms of X-Shooter, namely the UVB arm, the VIS arm, and the NIR arm. The spectra are given in fits format and are not corrected for extinction when the objects are known to have low Av (<0.5 mag), while the spectrum of HBC407 is corrected for Av=0.8mag using the reddening law by Cardelli et al. (1989ApJ...345..245C) and Rv=3.1. The wavelengths are in nanometers and the flux in erg/s/cm^2^/nm.

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Creator Manara C.F., Frasca A., Alcala J.M., Natta A., Stelzer B., Testi L.
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Publication Year 2017
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