Varve thickness record of Diss Mere (UK)


The sedimentary record of Diss Mere, a lake in the UK, is 15 m long. Annul laminations (varves) are preserved between 9 and 13 m of sediment depth covering most of the Holocene from ca. 2100 to 10,300 cal BP. Varves consist of a pale lamina made of authigenic calcite crystals deposited in summer, and a dark lamina composed of, primarily, crysophyceae cyst, planktonic centric diatoms, filaments of organic matter and micrite, which represents lake sedimentation during autumn - winter. This dataset contains the varve (annual) thickness record and thickness of the seasonal layers. Data were collected in 2018-2019 and covers a time interval from 2069 to 10290 cal. a BP. Data are at annual resolution. Detailed microfacies analysis, varve counting, and varve thickness measurements were performed on the petrographic thin sections using a Leica (M205C) stereo-zoom petrological microscope with plane- and cross-polarised light, at 80x. Varve counting and varve thickness measurements were performed for each seasonal layer along the ca 4.2 m long sequence of varved sediments.

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Publication Year 2022
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