Updating data on merury levels in food fish species in lakes used by Deh Cho communities

The methods consist of collecting at least 20 of the following fish species from local subsistence lakes using traditional gill netting. Fish species include lake trout, yellow walleye, northern pike, burbot and lake whitefish. Fishing will be conducted in the winter and summer time, with nets being set and checked daily. All fish will be dead sampled in the field for length, weight, age, sex and maturity, as well a large tissue sample, which will be collected and frozen for contaminant analysis. If more than 20 of each species are caught, these fish will be dead sampled for length, weight, sex, maturity and age, and this data will be used for stock status purposes. Samples will be shipped to Marlene Evans (Environment Canada) for required contaminant analysis. Measurements for dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH and temperature will also be taken at each lake.

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