Estimates of climatological energy reservoirs and energy transfer rates in the Azores Current


Data consists of model estimates of potential and kinetic energy reservoirs and energy transfer rates in the Azores current obtained from a climatological simulations of the Eastern Central North Atlantic. The model used is ROMS 3.7. The model run this dataset is taken from is labelled ECNA124T. The model was configured as follows: Domain: 34.4º to 5.7ºW and 29º to 46ºN. Horizontal resolution: 4.2 km in the meridional direction and 4.4 km in the zonal direction. Vertical discretization: 20 sigma layers. Bathymetry: ETOPO1, smoothed to satisfy a topographic stiffness-ratio of 0.2. Minimum depth: 10 m. Numerics: 3rd order upstream advection scheme for momentum and tracers; 4th-order centred scheme for vertical advection of momentum and tracers. Vertical mixing: KPP scheme for vertical mixing (Large et al., 1994). Horizontal momentum and tracer diffusion: set to zero. Bottom drag law: quadratic with drag coefficient of 0.003. Surface forcing: monthly climatological momentum, heat, freshwater and shortwave radiation fluxes from the Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set. Open boundaries forcing: 2D (barotropic) and 3D (baroclinic) velocities, and active tracers (potential temperature and salinity) are nudged to climatological values. The data is the average of the quantities in a box around the mean position of the Azores Current.

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Creator Guedes Soares, Carlos; Bettencourt, João Horta
Publisher PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Publication Year 2021
Funding Reference Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, PTDC CTA AMB 31141 2017
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Discipline Geosciences; Natural Sciences; Oceanography/Marine Science; Physical Oceanography
Spatial Coverage (-34.400W, 29.000S, -5.700E, 49.000N)