Quality controlled dataset of dissolved inorganic nutrients in the western Mediterranean Sea (2004-2017) from R/V oceanographic cruises


The database includes 870 stations sampled during 24 cruises between 2004 and 2017 in the Western Mediterranean Sea mainly on board R/Vs of the Italian National Research Council. It includes bottle data combined with CTD data. In all stations, measurements were carried out with a CTD-rosette system consisting of a CTD SBE 911 plus and a General Oceanics rosette with 24 12-l Niskin Bottles at the observed depth of the bottle sample. Temperature measurements were performed with an SBE-3/F thermometer and conductivity measurements were performed with an SBE-4 sensor. The probes were calibrated before and after the cruise. Samples of nitrate, phosphate and silicate were frozen to -20°C and stored before being analysed in laboratories onshore using standard colorimetric methods. Measurements were subjected to a rigorous quality control and this dataset includes both the original dataset after primary quality control (see "Original version") and the product after secondary quality control (crossover analysis).

Adjusted dataset: CNR_DIN_WMED_20042017_adjusted.csv: This is the adjusted product with 24 parameters, after removing outlier data (issued from primary quality control) and after applying adjustment factors from the secondary quality control (Crossover Analysis).

DOI https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.904172
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Creator Belgacem, Malek; Chiggiato, Jacopo; Borghini, Mireno; Pavoni, Bruno; Cerrati, Gabriella; Acri, Francesco; Cozzi, Stefano; Ribotti, Alberto; Álvarez, Marta; Lauvset, Siv K; Schroeder, Katrin
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Publication Year 2019
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Discipline Chemical Oceanography; Geosciences; Natural Sciences; Oceanography/Marine Science; Physical Oceanography
Spatial Coverage (-5.318W, 35.600S, 14.399E, 43.753N)
Temporal Coverage Begin 2004-05-28T05:59:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 2017-11-18T07:09:00Z