GPD-enquete 1991 : De staat van het land GPD Survey, the state of the nation 1991

GPD newspaper survey, the state of the nation. Who takes care of r.'s children / educational level of people r. meets every day / job security, preferred number of working hours / if r. unemployed: looking for a job, required salary, nr. of working hours, reason not looking for a job / social contacts in neighbourhood, support from relatives, friends, neighbours / perception of age: who is old, who is young / security in neighbourhood, experience with crime / time spent on common daily activities, hobbies, social activities etc. / housekeeping expenses / comparative level of r.'s salary, acceptable level of income / lower income to keep job / adequacy of unemployment benefits / wished versus expected age of retirement / important matters in life, religiosity / contacts with people with other religion / religious beliefs, meaning of life / satisfaction with government / health complaints: detailed / job satisfaction / medical consumption / problems with finance, health, relatives, work, study, sleep, sex / use of emergency number, sex lines / psychiatric problems in family / practising sports / self-esteem, loneliness, suicidal tendency / consumption of alcohol, tobacco, tranquillizers, sedatives, vitamins, drugs / possession of pets, reason why / satisfaction with life now and in past expectations / sexual inclination / ideas about marriage, chance for divorce / preferred way of dying / experience with general practitioner / offences by r., dishonesty, criminal behaviour / confidence in people. Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ household characteristics/ place of work/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ politics/ religion/ organizational membership

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