Yukon Biodiversity Database

The Yukon Biodiversity Database covers Yukon and the Beaufort Sea. The entire Beaufort Sea was included because information about the biology of any part of the Beaufort Sea may be relevant to the Yukon part of the Beaufort Sea. The database describes publications of all types, including so-called grey literature (reports from governments, industry, consultants, First Nations, co-management organizations, non-governmental organizations, etc.), journal articles, conference papers, theses and books. All media types are included. Most of the publications described in the database have been produced since the mid-1970's, but a small amount of older material is included. The database describes, based on information from Yukon-Canada Scientists and Explorers Act Licenses, biological field research projects conducted in Yukon or the Yukon part of the Beaufort Sea from 1982 to present.

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