On-surface polyarylene synthesis by cycloaromatization of isopropyl substituents


In this record we provide the data to support our recent finding on surface catalyzed cycloaromatization. Immobilization of organic building blocks on metal surfaces and their coupling via thermally induced C-C bond formations are developing as an important addition to the toolbox of organic and polymer synthesis. Additional advantages of this technique are the in situ monitoring of the reaction by scanning probe methods and the accessibility of insoluble and reactive carbon nanostructures. The diversity of conceivable products, however, sensitively depends on the number of available on-surface reactions. In the manuscript where the results are discussed, we introduce an unprecedented example, the intermolecular oxidative coupling of isopropyl substituents of arenes. With a new phenylene ring being formed, this [3+3] dimerization can be regarded as a formal cycloaromatization. The synthetic value of this novel reaction is proven by the synthesis of polyarylenes and co-polyarylenes, which we demonstrate by synthesizing poly(2,7-pyrenylene-1,4-phenylene). Scanning tunneling microscopy and non-contact atomic force microscopy studies complemented by density functional theory calculations are employed to obtain mechanistic insights into the title reaction.

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