Rosette Nebula globules (Makela+, 2017)

The JHKs photometry of stars in one 5'x5' field in the northwestern region of the Rosette nebula is presented. The observations were carried out with the SOFI instrument on NTT. A reddening-free reference region, OFF, (5'x5') has been observed in an earlier paper. The magnitudes have been converted to the 2MASS system and the positional accuracy is better than 0.6". The smallest errors have been rounded up to 0.01mag. Radio spectral lines of RN A in the Rosette nebula are presented. The spectra were obtained with the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment (APEX), Llano Chajnantor, Chile (O-088.F-9318). The observed molecular lines were ^12^CO(3-2), ^12^CO(2-1), ^13^CO(3-2), and ^13^CO(2-1). The APEX 350 and 230GHz single sideband heterodyne APEX-1 and APEX-2 SIS receivers and the 32768 channel RPG eXtended bandwidth Fast Fourier Transform Spectrometer (XFFTS) with a bandwidth of 2.5GHz were used. The channel spacing 76.3kHz corresponds to velocity spacing of 0.1 and 0.07km/s at 230 and 345GHz, respectively. All observations were performed in position-switching mode. The telescope FWHM is 27" at 230GHz, and 18" at 345GHz, and the corresponding main beam efficiencies are 0.75 and 0.73. Second order baseline was subtracted from the spectra. The temperature scale is in Ta* units, i.e. corrected to outside of the atmosphere but not for beam coupling. The spectra are presented in one binary table FITS file.

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