Effects of perinatal exposure to environmental contaminants on activity, attention and emotionality in Inuit children: statistical analyses at 1 and 5 years of age and data collection of video recordings at 10 years of age

Traditional Inuit diet is contaminated by environmental pollutants such as organochlorines (Ocs), methylmercury (MeHg), and lead (Pb). Prenatal exposure to such contaminants has been linked to developmental and cognitive effects in many epidemiological studies but behavioural effects have not been extensively studied. Although subtle, behavioural effects may have considerable consequences in a developmental perspective. However, directions of such effects are often controversial, probably because tools used to assess behaviour are often indirect and lack of sensibility. We thus proposed to carry out an innovative study, based on direct observations of behaviours from video recordings taken in two ongoing cohort studies of Canadian Inuit children currently followed at 10 years of age. Those studies include extensive collection of data on various aspects, and will allow controlling for confounding variables through multiple regression linear modeling. Recent results show that our method is effective in detecting subtle behavioural effects to low-level prenatal lead exposure in 11 month-old Inuit children. Analyses with other environmental contaminants and at other stage of development remain to be done. Furthermore, the follow-up of the children from these two cohorts is ongoing and we propose to document the long term behavioural effects of pre- and postnatal exposure to environmental contaminants through collecting video recordings, and starting their behavioural coding.

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