Radial velocity measurements of 51 Peg (Scandariato+, 2021)

We collected high-cadence spectroscopy of the star 51 Peg (G2.5V, V=5.46mag, K=3.91mag) in two nights of observations, respectively before and after the superior conjunction of the planet 51 Peg b. We used the high-resolution spectrograph HARPS-N mounted at the TNG observatory, Roque de Los Muchachos, Spain. The observations aim at the extraction of the reflected light from the planet. To this purpose we needed the best and most up-to-date ephemeris of the planet. We thus measured the radial velocity of the star using the same collected spectra, and complemented them with the compilation of radial velocities by Birkby et al. (2017, Cat. J/AJ/153/138) and with recent spectroscopic observations publicly available in the literature. These data span observing dates from 1994 September 15 to 2018 September 2, resulting in 1259 radial velocity measurements over 24 years.

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