Funktionele taalvaardigheid 1982 Functional linguistic skills 1982

Gauging of needs for linguistic skills of adolescents who left secondary school some years ago after passing examination. Necessity and use of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in everyday life / writing short note/ letter to official body/ letter of application/ report or summary based on notes/ making short notes/ letter to the editor/ article for club-magazine/ answering written questions or instructions for a course/ letter or postcard to friends or family/ short letter with simple statements / reading simple forms/ long guide to a form/ official letters/ political news, commentaries, long articles/ election programs of political parties/ thrillers, science fiction, pulp/ looking for information in guides and manuals/ professional knowledge from manuals/ professional magazines/ reading and answering multiple choice questions on written examination/ complicated directions for use/ technical plans with instructions/ reading aloud/ simple forms without a difficult guide / speaking and listening/ asking for simple information/ asserting oneself in conflict situations with higher officials/ discussing with family, friends/ trying to convince them/ application talk/ business-talk/ business-talk by telephone/ talking with colleagues about work, planning, problems/ listening to explications and instructions/ asking for an explanation and answering questions on oral examinations/ talking with doctor, expert, social worker/ personal and heart-to-heart talks/ phone call with friend about nothing in particular/ telling stories to friends, relatives/ talking and listening to very young children/ giving a lecture or speech/ listening to and watching news programs / listening to a lecture or speech about subject interested in/ discussing topical subjects with acquaintances and presenting own point of view. Background variables: basic characteristics/ housing situation/ occupation/employment/ education

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