Geochemical data of cores CP10BC and SL114BC in the central Mediterranean during Holocene sapropel S1 formation


Here we present a geochemical record of marine sediment core CP10BC in the central Mediterranean during the past 10 ka. The data include the Sr and Nd radiogenic isotopes analyzed on detrital sediment fraction, and the high-resolution elemental analyses on bulk sediments (e.g. Al, Ti, K, Zr, Sr, Ba, Mn). The radiocarbon dating (14C) on planktonic foraminifera as well as the sapropel indicators of total organic carbon (TOC), Ba/Al, and Mn/Al are also presented. In addition, Sr and Nd isotopes data are given for a nearby core SL114BC in the Ionian Sea, central Mediterranean. Finally, a data compilation of published Sr contents, 87Sr/86Sr ratios, and εNd values (i.e. the Sr and Nd isotope systematics) over the circum-Mediterranean region is provided.Box core CP10BC (34°32.7′N, 16°34.0′E; 1501 m water-depth, 35-cm long) was collected during the RV Pelagia cruise CORTADO in 2011. This boxcore consists of foraminifera and pteropod marl ooze, with a distinct sapropel S1 unit. Two subcores were sampled so as to have enough material for all analyses. For subcore CP10BC#1 every 0.25 cm were sampled resulting in a total of 142 samples for geochemical analyses. Subcore CP10BC#3 was sampled at intervals of 0.5 cm for foraminiferal radiocarbon dating. In addition, boxcore SL114BC (35°17.2′N, 21°24.5′E; 3390 m water-depth) obtained during the RV Logachev cruise SMILABLE in 1999. More details see the reference paper (Wu et al., 2016).

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