Vegetation regeneration in minerotropic rich peatlands burned between 2011 and 2016 in the Northwest Territories

Vegetation data were collected in 27 burned rich peatlands along an chronosequence of fire age (2011 (n=10), 2014 (n=14), 2015 (n=4)) and 18 natural peatlands for reference during June and July 2016. Percentages of cover of bryophytes and vascular were evaluated by group and for all the species. Mean relative position to the water table was measured for fen true bryophytes. Vegetation data were collected in 12 plots within each peatlands (6 plots on hummocks, 6 in hollows). Abiotic conditions were also measured (hydrology, physicochemical characteristics of peat, fire severity). For hydrology, water table level and relative peat moisture were measured at each plot, one time during 2016 summer. Peat composite samples were collected at each peatlands and were analyzed for pH, electroconductivity, chemical content (Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, K, Na, P, N) in the labatory. Fire severity was evaluated by measuring the depth of burn on a tussock at each plot. Sites were located along highway 3 (maximum of 600 m) between Fort Providence and Chan Lake in the Northwest Territories and sites were located along the highway 881 and 750 near Conklin and Atikameg in Northern Alberta.

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