(Table 3) Average mound aggradation rates


*: one single age.AR: mound aggradation rate.Average mound aggradation rates (ARø; when available minimum and maximum ARs are given as well) calculated for core records obtained from coral mounds of the Tanôudêrt canyon area and the Timiris, Banda, and Tamxat mound complexes (note: ARs for core GeoB11569-1 are re-calculated from original data published by Eisele et al. 2011). All cores show distinct coral age clusters (at least consisting of two ages, stratigraphically closely related). The clusters are interrupted by periods with apparent age gaps that last for 5 to 75 kyr and indicate a temporary slow-down in mound formation (dormant mound state).

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Spatial Coverage (-17.668W, 17.541S, -16.662E, 20.243N); off Mauritania; northern canyon area west of Banc dArguin (ROV3); Timiris shallow coral mound chain; northern Banda slide
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