Physico-chemical parameters, biomass and species composition of benthic communities in west Greenland

The study area is situated in Kobbefjord (64°07¿N, 51°21'W), at approximately 20 km from Nuuk, the Capital of Greenland. The dataset presents measurements of physical and chemical parameters, as well as information about the benthic indicator species. Four times a year, we estimate the exchange between water column and sediment of (1) oxygen, (2) dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) and (3) nutrients. We also make vertical sediment oxygen profiles and we measure the carbon burial in the sediment. Once a year, we evaluate the composition and distribution of benthic indicator species (dredge samples) and we estimate the annual growth of macro-algae. The data collected will serve to test the hypothesis that climate change effects (sea-ice, currents, salinity, stratification in water column) affects benthic-pelagic coupling (e.g., shifts in particulate organic carbon), and composition of benthic habitats and communities.

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