Müggelsee - Germany

Lake Müggelsee is a shallow (mean depth 4.9 m, max depth 8 m), eutrophic lake situated southeast of the city of Berlin (Germany, 52° 26’ N, 13° 39’ E). The lake is polymictic and usually fully mixed due to the wind fetch of its relatively large surface area of ~750 ha. The River Spree enters the lake from south-east and the outflow is situated in the north-west of the lake. The lake has an average retention time of about 6-8 weeks. Due to its location in a transition zone from a maritime to a more continentally characterized climate, the lake experiences large annual and inter-annual variability in local weather conditions. Data availability spans the time period from 1979-ongoing. Sampling intervals are weekly and biweekly during the winter months. We monitor phytoplankton, zooplankton, and major nutrients and abiotic variables at at weekly temporal scales at 5 different locations across the lake. Fish, macrophytes, MZB, periphyton are sampled yearly. Additionally, we run an automatic lake station (https://www.igb-berlin.de/messstation-mueggelsee) continuously recording water temperature, pH, oxygen, conductivity, fluorescence in -situ in real time. Moreover, the station is equipped with a meteorological station monitoring air temperature, wind, humidity, precipitation, global radiation. Müggelsee is a GLEON (Global Lakes Observatory Network http://www.gleon.org/ ) and an LTER -D site.

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