Sedimentology on cores off Filchner Shelf Ice, Weddell Sea, Antarctica, supplement to: Haase, Gerhard M (1986): Glaciomarine sediments along the Filchner/Rønne Ice Shelf, southern Weddell Sea — First results of the 1983/84 Antarktis-II/4 expedition. Marine Geology, 72(3-4), 241-258


Sediment sampling with box corer and gravity corer was conducted along a profile parallel to the Filchner/Rønne Ice Shelf, from 48° to 61°W. Twenty-two sampling locations were determined after evaluation of 12 and 3.5 kHz sub-bottom profiling records. The sediment retrievals show a wide diversity, varying from very well sorted pure sands in the SE of the profile to heavily glacially influenced, pebbly muds close to the foot of the Antarctic Peninsula. In the middle part of the profile mainly soft sediments of muddy to sandy muds were found which were partially influenced by glacially derived dropstones or accumulations of pebble-sized material. The striking changes of surface sediments (marine to glacial) observed along the profile led to an attempt to investigate the concurrence of marine and glacial depositional processes controlling the accumulation of these recent sediments.

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Spatial Coverage (-54.421W, -77.104S, -48.608E, -76.155N); Filchner Shelf
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