Nd, Sm and carbon isotopic data for samples from ODP Legs 115, 145, 171, and 207, supplement to: MacLeod, Kenneth G; Martin, Ellen E; Blair, Susanna W (2008): Nd isotopic excursion across Cretaceous ocean anoxic event 2 (Cenomanian-Turonian) in the tropical North Atlantic. Geology, 36(10), 811-814


Late Cretaceous fish debris from Demerara Rise exhibits a dramatic positive excursion of 8 e-Nd units during ocean anoxic event 2 (OAE2) that is superimposed on extremely low e-Nd(t) values (-14 to -16.5) observed throughout the rest of the studied interval. The OAE2 e-Nd excursion is the largest yet documented in marine sediments, and the majority of the shift is estimated to have occurred over <20 k.y. Low background e-Nd values on Demerara Rise are explained as the Nd isotopic signature of the South American craton, whereas eruptions of the Caribbean large igneous province or enhanced mixing of intermediate waters in the North Atlantic could have caused the excursion.

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