Wooden Artifacts from the Kwädāy Dän Ts'ínchį Site and Surrounding Area: An Analytical Catalogue, 1999-2005

This dataset, text to be published as a chapter in a book, presents an analytical catalogue of the wooden artifacts collected from the Kwäd[HTML_REMOVED]y Dän Ts'ínch[HTML_REMOVED] site that are presently being curated in Whitehorse. The wood artifacts were recovered within an area of approximately one square kilometre around the Kwäd[HTML_REMOVED]y Dän Ts'ínch[HTML_REMOVED] discovery site, and were found during the initial discovery and recovery efforts that took place in 1999, or during subsequent annual monitoring visits to the site. Except for two pieces dug out of the snow/ice, all artifacts were surface finds, picked up from either the snow or ground. In an attempt to learn more about these unique pieces, including what they may have been used for, the wood artifacts are also compared to objects known from relevant archaeological and ethnographical contexts. The total count of wooden artifacts recovered numbers 23 (Table 1). This count is based on 33 recovered fragments, some of which have been refitted together, and while others although not refitted, are assumed to be part of the same artifact since they are of similar morphology and were found in very close proximity.

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