Muskox Locations on Central Ellesmere Island in March 2017

We flew a survey of central Ellesmere Island (Fosheim Peninsula, Raanes Peninsula, and Svendsen Peninsula), Nunavut, between March 8 -20, 2017 to update the population estimate for Peary caribou and muskoxen. Due to weather and logistical constraints the Bache/Knud Peninsula area was not surveyed. This area will be included in the survey of northern Ellesmere in 2018. This survey was the second portion of three in surveying the entirety of Ellesmere Island. The previous survey of central (including northern) Ellesmere Island was in May 2006. Muskoxen were relatively more abundant north of the Sawtooth Range of Fosheim Peninsula although the north portion of Raanes Peninsula and the south portion of Svendsen Peninsula also had decent numbers. Overall a total of 2,153 muskoxen were observed, and a calculated population estimate of 6,902 ±SE 1,036 (coefficient of variation [CV]=15%) was obtained. The population estimate for northern (including central) Ellesmere Island was 8,115 (95% CI 6,632 – 9,930, Jenkins et al. 2011); a separate population estimate for central Ellesmere Island was not calculated in 2006. The southern portion was last surveyed in 2015 and the northern portion will be surveyed in 2018.

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