Patronen van kommunikatie en hun organisatorisch verband bij de landbouwvoorlichting in Suriname 1967-1969 Patterns of communication in agricultural information in Surinam 1967-1969

The organization of communication patterns in agricultural information service / assistants were asked about the farmers in their districts / contacts with the farmers / the extent to which advice is accepted and implemented / progressive versus traditional farmers / the influence of politics ( patronage ) / relationship with personnel / characteristics of staff / time budget data / pattern of activities / level of information / readership of professional magazines and books / style and effectiveness of information giving / satisfaction / preferences / transferences / problems in work / contacts with management cooperation with other services in agriculture / future perspective.

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Creator Kalshoven, G. (Landbouwuniversiteit Wageningen WUR * Wageningen, Vakgroep sociologie en sociografie der niet-westerse gebieden)
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Contributor Ministerie van landbouw, veeteelt en visserij Suriname (research initiator); Centrum voor landbouwkundig onderzoek in suriname, CELOS (data collector)
Publication Year 2007
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