CroMe interview with Dario Smolić-Počak ***


The female interviewee, born in 1968 and with a Serb background, tells how she did not experience any animosities between people before the war and how she was surprised when war broke out. She tells how she and her husband lost their jobs and had to live off agriculture during the war. The narrator describes the lack of electricity. She tells how she and her family had to flee their house during Operation Storm and went via Bosnia to Serbia with a main convoy. During this journey the narrator witnessed the bombing of the convoy in Bosanski Petrovac. The narrator tells about her life as a refugee for more than 9 years and tells about the hardship particularly her children faced. The family returned in 2002 and started renovating their house. The narrator recalls how difficult it was to be separated from friends and family because of their flight.

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