Stable carbon and oxygen isotope composition of benthic foraminifera, supplement to: Mackensen, Andreas; Schumacher, Stefanie; Radke, Jens; Schmidt, Daniela N (2000): Microhabitat preferences and stable carbon isotopes of endobenthic foraminifera: clue to quantitative reconstruction of oceanic new production? Marine Micropaleontology, 40(3), 233-258


Seventeen surface sediment samples from the North Atlantic Ocean off NE-Greenland between 76° and 81°N, and nine samples from the South Atlantic Ocean close to Bouvet Island between 48° and 55°S were taken with the aid of a Multiple Corer and investigated for their live (Rose Bengal stained) benthic foraminiferal content within the upper 15 cm of sediment. Preferentially endobenthic Melonis barleeanum, Melonis zaandami, and Bulimina aculeata as well as preferentially epibenthic Lobatula lobatula were counted from 1-cm-thick sediment slices each and analyzed for stable carbon and oxygen isotopic compositions of their calcareous tests. Live and dead specimens were counted and measured separately. The carbon isotopic composition of the foraminifera was compared to that of the dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) of simultaneously sampled bottom water. During a period of one month, one station off NE-Greenland was replicately sampled once every week and samples were processed as above.

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