Werkenden en werklozen voor de rechter 1985 Employed and unemployed persons in court 1985

Law suits on criminal cases with respect to theft, burglary, vandalism or assault have been described in this survey. Data haven been gathered partly by means of observation during the sessions of the court (Assen, Leeuwarden, Groningen) and partly from dossiers. Social and economic background of the defendant / type of offence / seriousness / damage / role of alcohol, drugs / personal problems / getting assistance / recidivists: dossier of last lawsuit / prognosis for recidivism / observations in court: presence of witnesses, experts, press and public / behaviour and appearance of the defendant / changes in occupational situation / attitude and behaviour of the judge, public prosecutor, defence and reports to the defendant / demand and verdict. Background variables: basic characteristics/ household characteristics/ characteristics of parental family/household/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ social class

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