Stable C and N isotopes and percent C as well as N composition of plankton from the North Atlantic


Elemental C and N percent composition and natural abundance of stable C and N isotopes of plankton species and/or size-fractions collected in several cruises on the N Atlantic Ocean from Greenland to Norway and around Iceland. Determinations included key copepod and krill species. Lipid extraction was performed in some samples to determine carbón isotope depletion factors.

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Creator Bode, Antonio; Agersted, Mette Dalgaard; Nielsen, Torkel Gissel; Basedow, Sünnje Linnéa; Petursdottir, Hildur; Gislason, Astthor
Publisher PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Publication Year 2014
Funding Reference Seventh Framework Programme, 264933
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Size 4551 data points
Discipline Earth System Research
Spatial Coverage (-55.848W, 53.358S, -11.000E, 68.000N); Iceland Sea; Godthåbsfjord, West Greenland; North Atlantic
Temporal Coverage Begin 2010-06-07T00:00:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 2013-05-29T11:07:00Z