Chemical analysis of Mn nodules from the Pacific, supplement to: UN (1972): Comparative table of draft treaties, working papers and draft articles. United Nations Secretariat for the Seabed Committee


In 1970, the United States put forward the first detailed and comprehensive proposal for a regime which would apply to the mining of manganese nodules in the area beyond national jurisdiction. The United States' draft Convention on the International Seabed Area made a significant contribution towards moving the U.N. Seabed Committee from the stage of engaging in general debate to making specific proposals. In the U.S. draft, an "International Seabed Resource Authority" would have the power to license the mining of manganese nodules and would carry on certain supervisory activities in connection therewith. In the planning of the expected fast-approaching exploitation stage for manganese nodules the U.N. Seabed Committee collected and prepared documents and data in 1972 for an initial session of the Law of the Sea Conference which was expected to take place in 1973.

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