SAS-2 Map Product Catalog

This database is a collection of maps created from the 28 SAS-2 observation files. The original observation files can be accessed within BROWSE by changing to the SAS2RAW database. For each of the SAS-2 observation files, the analysis package FADMAP was run and the resulting maps, plus GIF images created from these maps, were collected into this database. Each map is a 60 x 60 pixel FITS format image with 1 degree pixels. The user may reconstruct any of these maps within the captive account by running FADMAP from the command line after extracting a file from within the SAS2RAW database. The parameters used for selecting data for these product map files are embedded keywords in the FITS maps themselves. These parameters are set in FADMAP, and for the maps in this database are set as 'wide open' as possible. That is, except for selecting on each of 3 energy ranges, all other FADMAP parameters were set using broad criteria. To find more information about how to run FADMAP on the raw event's file, the user can access help files within the SAS2RAW database or can use the 'fhelp' facility from the command line to gain information about FADMAP.

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Publication Year 2020
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