Ether lipids in deep sea and swamp sediments, supplement to: Pauly, George G; van Vleet, Edward S (1985): Archaebacterial ether lipids: Natural tracers of biogeochemical processes. Organic Geochemistry, 10(4-6), 859-867


Methanogen ether lipids have been quantified in sediments from a Florida swamp and the Atlantic ocean. Swamp cores containing acyclic and monocyclic isopranyl ethers are clearly differentiated from deep sea sediments which also contain bicyclic compounds. A concentration maximum near the bottom of the sulfate reducing zone in deep sea sediments may reflect a biogeochemical system in which methanogenesis and sulfate reduction are coupled by the process of methane oxidation. Lipid diagenesis is evident in the deep sea sediments. Species zonation, possibly caused by oxygen sensitivity, is detected in the relative lipid abundances in swamp sediments.

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Creator Pauly, George G; van Vleet, Edward S
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Spatial Coverage (-82.650W, -19.744S, 10.519E, 35.495N); South Atlantic; Florida
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