Glaciodyn (Canada) IPY Project: Belcher Glacier GPS data, 2008

--- DATASET A: --- Includes all GPS data collected by a network of continuously operating GPS receivers. Six Trimble dual-frequency GPS receivers were installed on steel poles drilled into the ice at intervals along the glacier centerline and a seventh base station receiver was installed on a bedrock monument in 2008. An additional 5 single-frequency GPS receivers (installed in 2007) remain along the glacier centerline. Each receiver is programmed to record data continuously over the summer (24 one-hour sessions) and at a reduced rate over the winter (one-hour session every six hours). Each receiver collects raw (binary) observations, which will be processed and archived as RINEX files after being downloaded annually. On August 25, 2008, data from the 7 Trimble systems were retrieved, but the single-frequency systems were inaccessible due to weather. --- DATASET B: --- Includes all DGPS static surveys of poles or other on-ice targets on the Belcher Glacier. In August 2006, a group of 10 poles installed along the main Belcher tributary and its confluence with the main trunk were surveyed, and the 8 surviving poles were resurveyed in Spring 2008. In Spring 2007, 4 on-ice and 4 bedrock points were surveyed along the glacier terminus. In Spring 2008, the 10 poles along the Belcher center line and 18 poles forming 3 flux gates along the glacier were surveyed. These poles will be resurveyed in Spring 2009 and beyond.

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Creator Alex Gardner;Martin Sharp;Luke Copland;David Burgess;Brad Danielson
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Contributor University of Alberta
Publication Year 2012
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Language English
Discipline Environmental Research
Spatial Coverage (75N-76N,82W-81W)
Temporal Coverage Begin 2006-08-01T11:59:59Z
Temporal Coverage End 9999-12-31T11:59:59Z