Abundance of ostracoda in sediment cores CRP-1 and CRP-2, supplement to: Dingle, R V (2000): Ostracoda from CRP-1 and CRP-2/2A, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica. Terra Antartica, 7(4), 479-492


Sparse, poorly preserved late Oligocene (3 species) and early Miocene (4 species) ostracod faunas have been recovered from CRP-2A, while relatively more abundant Quaternary faunas occur in CRP-1 (24 species). All taxa are marine. No definitive age assignments can be made on the two older faunas, which are not considered to be in situ, although the taxa identified are not at variance with sediment ages determined on other grounds. The Oligocene ostracods (Lithostratigraphical Unit, LSU 9.4) suggest deposition in cold, relatively shallow, shelf waters with faunal connections to the Antarctic Peninsula and South America, while the Miocene fauna (LSU 5.1) is considered to be a cool-cold, deeper water (?outer shelf) association with faunal connections to both New Zealand and the Antarctic Peninsula. The Quaternary faunas are primarily from LSU 3.1 (carbonate-rich layer), and suggest deposition in very cold, relatively quiet water that was at least 100 m, and possibly 130-200 m deep. None of the taxa are known from pre-Pleistocene sediments, and all occur in modern Antarctic/sub-Antarctic regimes, predominantly from south of 60° S. Specimens in the "carbonate-rich layer" probably have suffered minor penecontemporaneous fractionation, while the fauna in LSU 2.2 has suffered more extensive post-mortem transportation and possible reworking (though not necessarily from pre-Quaternary sources).

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