Yukon Contaminant Biomonitoring: Investigating the Links Between Contaminant Exposure and Traditional Food Use

This project is designed to explore the feasibility of conducting a human biomonitoring survey in the Yukon Territory, similar to those that have been done in Nunavut and Northwest Territories. It involves creating partnerships among Yukon First Nations, Yukon Government and research scientists to facilitate the planning such a survey and conducting a pilot project in Old Crow, YT to evaluate community perceptions and concerns and determine appropriate survey and communication strategies. This preliminary research will lead to the potential of a human biomonitoring study that will inform the development of regional-specific communication tools that promote the consumption of traditional foods in order to lower risk factors for chronic disease while minimizing contaminant exposure among the Yukoners. Furthermore, the research will create a screening tool to identify individuals within the Yukon who are most at risk to contaminant exposure. This screening tool, which has been labeled as a critical outcome by policy leaders, will enable contaminant risk messaging and follow-up interventions at the individual and population level to be targeted to those most at risk.

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