Ice Mass Balance data in Northeast Greenland

The Ice Mass Balance buoy is an autonomous system built in house at CEOS. It is comprised of a basic met tower (air temperature, air pressure, anemometer, snow depth sounder and GPS), a temperature string that goes through the ice and an underice sounder. Collectively this system provides us a high resolution (30 minute interval) dataset of the properties important to the thermodynamic growth and melt of sea ice over a long time period (1 year in this case). All the data is transmitted back to CEOS via the iridium satellite communication network, in case the system is destroyed or unrecoverable. The dataset is coupled with physical samples collected during the IMB deployment and regular satellite images collected over the study area. The two systems were deployed ~50 km apart from each other where the oceanographic properties are different. Thus between the two sites we can determine how varying properties of the water column influence ice growth and melt. The systems are to be recovered during Spring 2016 and potentially re-deployed for another year of observations.

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Creator Babb, David;Barber, David
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Contributor University of Manitoba
Publication Year 2016
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Language English
Discipline Environmental Research
Spatial Coverage (81N,16W)
Temporal Coverage Begin 2015-05-01T11:59:59Z
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